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We are a group of individuals with an inherent craze in Remote Sensing, Geoinformatics, GIS based Data Visualisations, allied technologies and techniques.

About us



Our vision is to grow as a premier and professional provider of Geospatial & Remote Sensing services in the region. We take extreme care on the quality of data and standards, to be accurate, consistent and comprehensive.

Why Geominds

Geominds stand for uncompromising discipline in quality, service delivery and price. We offer our services in regional languages as well. We believe in providing customers cost-effective solutions efficiently.


We were interacting with the experts of various related domains for last few years. We decided to get involved into a formal organisation to deliver high-quality geo-spatial products. Voila! Geominds is born.


Our team is not large, and ofcourse not too small. We don't believe in large numbers, because quality counts over quantity. And, we have an array of skilled professionals to get the job done in the best way available.


Our Services



Research and compilation, Art, Illustrations, Map design and production, Map production support for books, journal articles, posters etc., Interactive infographics, Thematic mapping, Disaster management mapping, Environmental impact assessment mapping, Hard copy maps, Atlases...

Remote Sensing

Satellite imagery interpretation and classification, Aerial triangulation, Ortho-rectification, Planimetric / Feature extraction, Landuse - Landcover - Soil - Forest density - Coastal zone mapping, Runoff modeling, Change detection, Drainage pattern - slope - aspect analysis, Ground water estimation...


Georeferencing, Digitisation, Photogrammetry, Parcel mapping, Utility mapping, 2D / 3D feature extraction, Asset inventory, Geological investigations, Route network mapping and routing, 3D model creation, DEM / DTM development, Data enhancement and adjustments, WebGIS geovisualisations...


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